Buying shoes are one of the many dreams of any girl, but despite what people think, buying the right type of shoes are quite daunting. Below are 6 tips on buying the right type of fabulous looking shoes that suits your lifestyle.

  1. Shoe with the perfect size:

There’s nothing as sexy as wearing a shoe that fits you perfectly and lets you walk comfortably. Uncomfortable shoes bring pain and sorrow to the woman, never try to buy a shoe that is bigger than you, so it would last longer.. no it doesn’t work that way. Trash that sick mentality ladies and look fabulous for today.


  1. The leg treat:

Without a pedicure, trust me those pretty shoes will not look pretty.. don’t forget your feet are for the show off probably highlighted by rhinestones and sexy straps.. bottom line ladies, keep the pedicure and manicure updated at all times.


  1. Go high on heels:

Now this is the queen of all sexy and glamour, shoes are stilettos. Depending on the outfit, always go for black because it matches all outfit, and also be careful with those pair of Queens of frisky night walkers because they can cause more harm than good when you don’t walk right. Anything higher than 4.5 inches is extremely hard to walk in, except you want your head touching the skies. So don’t just buy a heel, master the act of cat walking so you don’t embarrass the girl hood in public.

  1. Ballet flats:

These are my second favourites because they are so simple yet stylish and comfortable when you walk in them. You can go from bleachers to boardroom meetings to church, school with these ballets flats and still look amazing. It works for almost all occasions, it’s a wonder I tell you.

  1. Boots:

My third favourites are boots, and a nice pair of these can totally spice up your outfit.. casual or official. They go well with flowing skirts or short skirts showing off those amazing legs. They go with jeans too, long or short boots are definitely a fashion accessory that every girl should have.

These are forever in fashion and are oh so versatile.. if you’re hanging out with your girls with jeans and a cute top for a causal look. Brown, gold or silver strappy sandals are Bae anytime. They will fit your pretty feet perfectly and will make you feel comfortable and sexy no matter how much walking, dancing or standing you do.


Written By: Stacy Aghogho

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