Depression is not a sad feeling that you feel every now and then.. it is a mental issue. One thing you must know is, anybody can be depressed.. it’s a human thing. It’s inevitable to escape but also preventable. Women, men and children experience some sort of depression every now and then. There are many factors associated with depression in which family, friends, work even the state of our lives can cause. In this article, we will be looking at the types of depression, the possible signs and how to save yourself from drowning in the pool of impenetrable depression.


Possible signs of depression are:

* Suicidal thoughts.

* Unable to perform daily activities.. laziness.

* Not enjoying former beloved activities.

* Fatigue.

* Sadness and constant feeling of crying.

* Low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

* Feeling of worthlessness.

* Weight loss.

* Anxiety.

* Unable to concentrate.

* Indecisiveness.

* Body pains that don’t go away even after medication.


There are 7 types of depression and all share the same or more symptoms. So you know, they are preventable but one of the first things is to know which category you are in.


1. Major depression:

Most people are under the major, even children.. it comes with all the signs listed above from anxiety to fatigue to suicidal thoughts and thoughts of worthlessness.


2. Persistent depression:

These kinds of depression last longer than usual, even after medication and professional help. They can go on for years, major signs are sleeping too much or lack of sleep amongst others.


3. Premenstrual depression:

As the name implies, you can tell it’s common amongst women and young girls who experience overwhelming periods. Major signs are mood swings, fatigue amongst others.


4. Peripartum depression:

Pregnant women and new mothers usually suffer these kinds of depression, they come with the feeling of anxiety and fatigue amongst others.


5. Psychotic depression:

These kinds of patients are greatly disturbed and are most vulnerable in the whole 7 types.. they are often paranoid. They suffer from extreme anxiety, hallucinations, fear, sense of hopelessness and bitterness and usually share persistent depression as well.


6. Bipolar disorder depression:

They basically suffer mood swings a lot and sometimes a little bit too much highs and lows.


7. Situational depression:

This happens when the individual suffers disappointment, loss of a loved one or a job and is unable to recover for a while.


How can one prevent depression?

1. Seek professional help:

We know religious leaders can be of great help and inspiration but they only make matters a little bit worse in the sense that they make you feel unable to save yourself, but on the contrary, you can see a psychiatrist or a psychologist today, these professionals will help you in identifying the root cause of the problem and help you come out of it, by administering medications and other alternatives.


2. Read about depression:

Get to know what the problem is before seeking help, don’t take the wrong drug for your problems else they will cause more damage than good.


3. Don’t isolate yourself:

When you’ve realized that you’re depressed, you should totally avoid being alone because this is one of the reasons why depressed people get more depressed.. the sense of loneliness. So, visit a friend, take a walk, go to the cinema, attend a wedding etc.


4. Do fun stuffs:

This is where hobbies comes in, sing more if you are good at it. Enrol for voice training, join a social club, go for acting auditions, etc


5. Music is key:

Positive music has been proven to heal the soul when it is down.. mostly old school love songs, they always do The magic trust me. From inspiration songs to love songs and dance hall, by playing these songs everyday can help reduce depression.. so go prepare a new song playlist and get the music playing.


6. Sleep well:

Yes you need to rest that brain for at least 6 to 8 hours at night and maybe 2 at noon if you’re home. Taking a bath afterwards helps the body and mind feel refreshed and wonderful.


7. Do work outs:

Not necessarily jogging off the Ikoyi bridge or wherever.. you can do jumping on a spot, push ups, squirts, rope skipping, muscle flexing etc sweat it all out, and this is beautiful when you do it with music.


8. Eat grass:

I meant vegetables and all the greens you can think of, don’t totally abandon the usual, just reduce them. Have a change of diet for a start.


9. Have a new look:

Change your Waldrop, cut your hair while having that sense of starting a new life. If you don’t usually wear a particular type of dress, wear them.. people will notice you, and there’s no better feeling than being noticed by all.


10. Be around inspiring people:

Pull out from the negative crowd, there’s too much noise there.. too much confusion and generally negative energy. Positive people encourage you, challenge you and trust me, this is what you need right now, a renewal of the mind.


11. Set goals:

May be an old one, you can revisit it and try to finish it.


12. Help others:

Find others like you, start a group and encourage yourselves. You can also organize to hang out and just have fun and discuss about issues and maybe start a group project to keep everybody occupied and happy.


You should know that depression may return after a while, it is a human thing but the most important thing is how you deal with it when it comes.



written by Stacy Aghogho 

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Ayokanmi ADEGOKE is the founder of AyBlog and a registered Nurse and Midwife who received her training at OAUTHC Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesha and Ondo State School of Midwifery, Akure who currently practices as a Medical Social Worker with a focus on Case work, School social work, Substance Abuse and Clinical social work.